Category: Mills  
BRIDGEPORT SERIES II VERTICAL MILL Table Size 11" x 58", Long. Travel 30", Cross Travel 15", Knee Travel 18", 50-3500 rpm, 4hp, 2-Axis Heidenhain DRO, Power on the Knee, Excellent Condition
BRIDGEPORT VERTICAL MILL Table Size 9" x 36", Variable Speed Head, Magnescale DRO, Power Draw Bar, Spray Mist Coolant
BRIDGEPORT VERTICAL MILL Series II, Table Size 11" x 58", Long. Travel 30", Cross Travel 15", Knee Travel 18"; 50-3500 rpm, 4 hp, 2-Axis DRO, Excellent Condition
BULLARD VERTICAL BORING MACHINE Swing 36", 5-Station Turret, Side Head, 36" 4-Jaw Chuck, 25 hp, Readouts
CINCINNATI HORIZONTAL VERTICAL MILL Model 420-16, Table 16" x 80", Spindle Speeds (24) 16-1600 rpm, Universal Vertical Head, 2-Arbor Supports
EISEN VERTICAL MILL Table Size 9" x 49", Variable Speed Head, 60-4200 rpm, 3 hp, Power Draw Bar, Servo Power Table Feed
HURCO CNC 3 AXIS KNEE MILL Model KM-3P, 14" x 38", Ultimax CNC Split Screen Control
INDUMA VERTICAL MILL Model VM70, Table 16" x 75", 30-1500 RPM, 50 Taper, 20 HP, Heavy Duty
KING VERTICAL BORING MACHINE 38" Swing, 36" 4-Jaw Chuck, 30" from Turret to Chuck, Side Head, 25 hp, DC Drive Motor
LAGUN VERTICAL MILL Model FTV-2, Table Size 10" x 50", X-Travel: 33", Y-Travel 16", Knee Travel 16", Quill Travel 5"; Variable Speed 55-4250 rpm; R-8 Spindle; with 3-Axis Servo II CNC Controls, X,Y, and Z. Excellent Condition
LAGUN VERTICAL MILL Model FTV-2S, Table Size 50" x 10", Longitudinal Travel 30", Cross Travel 16", Spindle Speeds Variable: 55-4200 rpm, 2 HP: Power Feed on Longitudinal Travel, Power Feed on Cross Table Travel
MILLTRONICS CNC VERTICAL MILL Model VK2, Table 10" x 53", X-30", Y-15"; Spindle Speeds, Spindle 30MT,(Programmable) 60-4000, Motor 5/3 hp, Centurian 7 CNC Control, Excellent Condition
SHARP VERTICAL HORIZONTAL MILLING MACHINE Model VH3, Table Size 12" x 51", 40 Taper Vertical Spindle, 50 Taper Horizontal Spindle, Mill Vision X,Y,Z Readout, Power Draw Bar, Misc. Tool Holders and Arbors
SHARP VERTICAL MILLING MACHINE Table Size 9" x 50", 3 hp, Electronic Variable Speed, Trak A.G.E.2 2-Axis CNC Control, Power Draw Bar, One Shot Lube, Spray mist
SIP JIG BORER Model MP-3k, Table Size 15" x 20.5", 3900 lbs., Long. Travel 18", Distance from Spindle to Table 24.5", Head Travel Side to Side 14", Spindle Speeds 8: 75-2000 rpm, Spindle Taper No. 2, 1 hp, Misc. Tool Holders and Gauges
SOUTHWEST INDUSTRIES DPM TRAK VERTICAL MILL Table 9" x 49", 31" Longitudinal Travel, 5 hp, Spindle CAT 40, CNC Control TRAK AGE3