Category: Lathes  
BRIDGEPORT ROMI EZ PATH CNC LATHE Model EZ Path, 1996, Swing 16.5", Distance Between Centers 40", Spindle Hole 2", Spindle Speeds 37.5-3000 rpm, Bridgeport EZ Path CNC Control, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, Coolant Tank and Pumping, Excellent Condition
FEELER SECOND OPERATION LATHE Model FTS-27, Series II, Swing Over Bed 9", Distance Between Centers 30", Hole Thru Spindle 1-1/16", Spindle Speeds, Variable, 230-3500 rpm; Approx. Weight 1200 lbs., With 2/1 hp Motor, 220 Volt; Quick Acting Cross Slide, 8 Station Turret, Coolant Pump and Piping
HAAS CNC LATHE Model TL2, Swing 16", Cutting Diameter 16", Cutting Length 48", X-Axis (Cross Travel) 8"; Z-Axis (Longitudinal Travel) 48"; Spindle Bore 3"; 2,000 rpm; 12 hp; Haas CNC Control; with Collet Closure, Tool Post, and Coolant
HARDINGE LATHE Model DSM59, 2nd Operation Lathe, With Cross Lever Tool Slide, Misc. 5C Collets, A lot of Turret Tooling and Cross Slide Tooling
HARDINGE SECOND OPERATION LATHE Model DV59, Variable Speed, 5C Collet Attachment, 6 Station Turret, Quick Acting Cross Slide, Misc. Holders
HARDINGE TOOLROOM LATHE Model HLV-H, Swing 11", Distance Between Centers 18", Hole Thru Spindle 1-1/16", Spindle Speeds (Variable ) 125-3000 rpm, English Threading, Complete with 3&4 Jaw Chucks, 5C Collets, Tool Post and Holders, Excellent Condition
MONARCH ENGINE LATHE Model 10EE, Swing Over Bed 12-1/2"; Distance Between Centers 20"; Variable Speed; With 3-Jaw Chuck, Tool Post, Taper Attachment, Sony DRO
MSC ENGINE LATHE Swing 13", Distance Between Centers 38"; (Gap) Spindle Hole 1-3/8"; Spindle Speeds (8) 105-2000 rpm; Complete with 3-Jaw Chuck, Tool Post, Drill Chuck, Coolant Tank and Pump, 3 hp, 3 phase, 230 Volt